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Make a donation

Flouride treatment

 What your donation can do:

  • $5 - provides fluoride treatment for 15 children
  • $8 - provides anti-parasite treatment for 200 children
  • $15 - provides toothbrush & toothpaste and oral hygiene lessons for 15 students
  • $30 - covers the salary for a dentist at the clinic for a day
  • $50 - covers the operating expenses, staff, and medicines at the clinic for a day
  • $150 - covers the cost of medicine for one week at the clinic


Attend a Fundraising Event


Each year, several of the member churches hold fundraising events for their work in Haiti,  These events are open to all.  Check each church's web site for exact dates.

- St. Clare’s Fall FUNdraiser Festival - October
- St. Blase Golf Outing - September

- St. David’s 'Help for Haiti" Event- October/November
- Corpus Christi Haiti Outreach Dinner - May/June

Join a Mission Trip



HOM conducts a mission trip in the Spring of each year where 20-25 doctors, dentists, nurses, and lay people visit Mirebalais.  All travelers pay their own expenses.  HOM makes all arrangements. It is a time of great camaraderie and personal reflection, and a life-changing experience for everyone involved. 

The 2019 medical/dental mission trip scheduled for

April 5 - 12, 2019


due to political unrest.
2020 trip applications can be submitted.

Trip Application



Haiti Outreach Mission (HOM) is an ecumenical lay mission group with primary support from Catholic and Episcopal  churches located primarily in southeast Michigan.​ We began in 1998.


We are an authorized 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping the people, especially the children, of Mirebalais, Haiti, and surrounding areas. 

Our partners on the ground are two churches in Mirebalais: St. Louis Catholic and St. Pierre Episcopal.  They give us a reliable base from which to operate in Haiti and are accountable to us for the goods and services we provide. 

Clinic Waiting Area

Since 1998, we have provided $1,500,000 in direct aid to the people of Haiti, including a full time clinic (medical & dental services), construction of schools & homes, and teacher support.  HOM operates solely with volunteer personnel and has virtually no overhead. 

Please Donate

An article excerpt from the Diocese of Michigan magazine "The Record/Episcopal Life" (volume 18, No 8, August 2007, by Herb Gunn:

"Haiti Outreach Mission combines effective outreach, sustainability..."

Haiti Outreach Mission (HOM) is a mix of clear mission, effective leadership and broad-based support. We have a strong history built on personal relationships both here and in Haiti. HOM demonstrates measurable results and consistent follow-through.

Episcopalian Roger Matthews, a member of St. David’s, Southfield, and his Roman Catholic wife, pediatrician Dominique Monde-Matthews, a member of Corpus Christi, Detroit, were married in 1998. Meeting families turned into something more when the couple traveled to Dominique’s homeland, Haiti. They went to the Caribbean nation as newlyweds and they returned engaged to the whole country. Roger Matthews recalled that they were sitting on the tarmac waiting for the plane to bring them home, staring into one another’s eyes and saying, “There must be something we can do.” Roger would later remark “From then on, my whole life changed.” 

The couple initially turned to their churches for partnership. Roger accepted help from St. David’s Episcopal Church while Dr. Dominique recruited St. Gerard’s Roman Catholic Church - now Corpus Christi Catholic Community. They launched a mission partnership with two churches in Mirebalais, Haiti: St. Pierre Episcopal Church and St. Louis Roman Catholic Church. Haiti Outreach Mission has grown to include the partnership of three Detroit-area Roman Catholic churches and St. Bernard’s in Billings, Montana and two Michigan Episcopal churches. Member churches commit $4,000 per year to the mission. In addition, each church contributes additional fund-raising efforts.

In 2010, Dr. Dominique Monde-Matthews was leading HOM’s medical response to the devastating Haitian earthquake when she learned of the sudden death of her husband Roger in the United States. She continues to lead our efforts.

Over the years, Haiti Outreach Mission has provided; financial support and construction/repair for the schools of the two partner parishes; converted an abandoned building in Mirebalais into a health clinic; provided support for the clinic’s doctor, nurse, dentist and staff; undertaken mobile medical/dental efforts; provide fluoride treatments to school children.

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