What We Do

Medical & Dental Clinic


HOM converted an abandoned building into the St. Pierre Healthcare Clinic. In November of 2005, the clinic opened full time and is now staffed by sixteen full and part time employees. These include physician Dr. Beaudelaire Cadet, dentist Dr. Valliere Lancie, Yoldie Esterlin, the clinic’s nurse/pharmacist/clinic manager and Claudette Decamp, lab technician. Patients are charged 150 Haitian Gourds ($2.32) for doctor consultation and medicine. For patients with no money, there is no charge. For lab analysis, there is a charge of 150 Haitian Gourds ($2.32) to 200 Haitian Gourds ($3.09). Lab work is free for those who have no money. Our challenge is to continue providing operating expenses for the clinic, which amounts to $3,500 monthly.



HOM provides support to schools that total 1,500 students in the Mirebalais area - St. Pierre, St. Louis, Trianon, and Desvarrieux. Support comes in the form of teacher salaries and school supplies, construction projects, fluoride treatments and mobile medical/dental visits.

Mobile Health Clinics


Working with the staff of our medical/dental clinic, each year we have traveled to the surrounding communities of Desvarrieux, Trianon, Noyau, and the city of Hinche and conduct mobile medical and dental clinics.

Fluoride Treatments


Oral hygiene demonstrations and treatments of fluoride and anti-parasite medicine are given to 1500 school children in five or six schools every year. Children with severe tooth decay are noted and sent to our Dental clinic.

Mission Trip Photos & Videos


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